10 thoughts on “Paul Ehrlich wants to prevent 1 billion lives by 2050”

  1. If the guys was wearing a funny little uniform, you know what they would call that?

  2. I have two grown children. As Bill Cosby said, “The reason we have five children is because we do not want six.” Or, in my own case, I believed I could be a good parent to two children but I had doubts I could handle three children well. Did I owe the never-conceived third child a chance to live? Did I owe society another producer? Obviously I don’t think I did.
    Most people would also draw a very clear line between choosing not to conceive a child and abortion.

  3. Ehrlich exemplifies the double standard that seems to be a prerequisite for being a “Progressive”. Draconic and occasionally lethal measures are needed to ‘improve’ the lives of everybody else, as long as the proponents are not obligated to comply.

  4. Can greater minds than myself enlighten me on his belief in decreasing per capita resource use? Is he alluding to decreasing our use of fossil fuels, and hobbling our robust economies, or does he mean that my two children should not enjoy the wonders that modern technology bring and affords to us? I defy him to go to any high school and try and convince the student body that it should deny itself tablet computers, cell phones, flat panel tvs, e-books,etc.He would be lucky to escape alive without being stoned to death.He has been outed as being so wrong before in his asinine predictions.If he feels that our population is too high,why does he not put his money where his mouth is and start with himself.

  5. He and the rest like him can feel free to remove themselves from the surplus population at any time as long as the do no harm to others, but they feel it is the rest of us that is the problem, not “great thinkers” like themselves.

  6. What a bunch of crap. In all this remember one basic thing “MAN PROPOSES AND GOD DISPOSES”. Man must be good stewards of what has been given us, in bounty, by GOD. We should not abuse ANYTHING, especially humanity, as we are made in the image and likeness of our CREATOR. The MADNESS of man will be our destruction and Ehrlich is a perfect example of this madness

  7. Whoever talks of intergenerational justice should be against Ehrlich’s ideas, and also against abortion unless the mother’s life is at risk: because how can we be fair to people deep in our future, if we prevent them from living at all?

  8. History shows that, when a society becomes wealthier, its members choose to have fewer children. This is especially true when infant and child mortality becomes rare — families in America were curtailing their number of children by the late 19th C, before medical contraception was available. (I don’t have the cite now but I cited that when I was doing a term paper.)
    So, if Ehrlich wants people to have smaller families, a big part of the answer is to let them be wealthier. Liberty is the biggest driving force of wealth — how many resource-rich nations have despotic government and widespread poverty? And how many areas, short of resources but long on liberty, are wealthy?

  9. He may get his wish if civilisation continues to spread. Civilised behaviour is maladaptive.

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