Obama Van Winkle: ‘Climate is warming faster than anybody anticipated five or 10 years ago’

Uh… it hasn’t warmed in 17 years.

The Maddow blog reports about last night’s fundraiser:

Obama warned donors that the climate is warming at an accelerated rate, and that while the dangers may not be readily apparent, they are still severe.

“But the flipside is we also know that the climate is warming faster than anybody anticipated five or 10 years ago, and that the future…in part, is going to depend on our willingness to deal with something that we may not be able to see or smell the way you could when the Chicago River was on fire, or at least could have caught on fire, but is in some ways more serious, more fundamental,” Obama said.

Because of that seriousness, Obama said he’s willing to hear out “a different approach” to dealing with the issue. What he won’t consider though, he said, are ideas from climate change deniers.

8 thoughts on “Obama Van Winkle: ‘Climate is warming faster than anybody anticipated five or 10 years ago’”

  1. I’m sorry! you received your PhD in climate science where again?
    Personal attacks are pretty common with all the conservative commenters around here. See ‘Obozo, Odumbo,’ And they act like they are experts on the environment! Go read what climate scientists are writing.

    It is true that there is disagreement on what is going to happen to the global climate as temperatures increase. Moreover, there is disagreement on how much human activity has contributed to climate change, but the fact remains that 97-98% of climate scientists agree that human activity is causing climate change.


    Those that claim that climate change is a hoax are either misinformed and/or have no idea how science and the process of building knowledge works.

  2. “Climate is warming faster”

    “climate change deniers”

    Nonsensical phrases. Climate isn’t singular. Is he talking about Washington’s climate? Chicago’s climate?

    No one is denying climates change. A strawman devoid of straw.

  3. Obama is a pathological liar who is deeply committed to his sustainable alternative energy (Is that an oxymoron?) policies. Nonetheless, I believe that he is doomed to fail because the demographic that elected him is, in large part, uninformed about the global warming issue and indifferent to Obama’s anti-carbon agenda. They just want the stuff from the government that he promised them.

  4. 80% would be my estimate. The rest is wishful thinking. The two may overlap, but then he isn’t 100% there.

  5. The president needs Aricept. I believe it was Cleveland (Cuyahoga river) where the river caught fire. Chicago had a fire but the cause was a cow (likely urban legend). How much of this man’s policy is based on mistaken memory of facts that never were?

  6. Climate hasn’t warmed in 17 years and Obama hasn’t noticed. Radical Islamists continue to attack us 11 years after 9/11 and he hasn’t noticed. Marxism and socialism have failed since 1917 and Obama hasn’t noticed. Deficits doubled from a level he called “unsustainable” in his first year and he hasn’t noticed.

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