4 thoughts on “Obama campaign’s mission: ‘It’s our job to show Congressional GOP there’s a price to pay for being a climate denier’”

  1. Yeah, I’m sure skeptics are going to be buried in a tidal wave of voter rejection in 2014….. or not. OFA is all wind and couldn’t organize a picnic.

  2. Ah! Chicago politics at work. The tool of “Intimidation” is always near the top of the toolbox.

  3. I checked out OfA’s list of Congressional deniers. My rep was missing so I sent him an e-mail saying he needs to deny louder. On this topic (I know little of his other agenda items) Senator Inhofe is good company.

  4. OR a Tea Party organization or any conservative group. At least they can’t control the weather, only the weather statistics. I suspect the price to be paid is by the con artists falsely scaring the public because once it’s obvious they have lied and mislead people who have been forced into payer higher prices on almost everything because of the scam, they won’t be very happy. They will simply say “oops” and hope that clears them, but some names will be a laughingstock forever. You would think that people would have a higher regard for their reputations.

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