Obama campaign calls climate deniers ‘crazy’

Keep in mind the Washington Post just gave Obama’s Organizing for Action four Pinocchios for its video attacking skeptics in Congress.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Organizing for Action slammed “climate deniers” and their doubts, which Jim Messina compared to the nutty things a crazy uncle would say at Thanksgiving dinner.

Click for the WaPo fact check.

4 thoughts on “Obama campaign calls climate deniers ‘crazy’”

  1. Whoever passes out pinocchios at the WaPo is a shallow fool. Nothing he ever writes is credible. It is tempting to jump on his bandwagon when he by chance gets one correct, but it only encourages him to continue. We do not want that.

  2. Messina’s e-mail memo is a welter of wishful thinking on the part of the carbon-demonizing catastrophe clowns, those “crazy uncle” statements nothing but straw man misrepresentations of the criticisms genuinely leveled by skeptics at the Cargo Cult Science of the Climategate consensus.

    Our Fraudulence-in-Chief and his ACORN puckers don’t dare confront the assessments of honest men and women like Joanne Nova, Anthony Watts, or Judith Curry.

    Big surprise, eh?

  3. Obama can make these statements but he has lost all credibility. He is the liar who covered up the Benghazi Fiasco. This puts Obama in the Nixon camp.

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