4 thoughts on “Now, a war on caffeine”

  1. I guess for some people in energy drinks like rock star or monster has help them stay alert and awake but in the other hand for me sometimes it would make me feel sleepy, and I would have a bad feeling inside my body that’s why I stop drinking it, so water is better than that of course.

  2. You can have my coffee when you pry it from my warm, rigor-mortis-ed fingers.

  3. It’s amusing to me that the “energy drinks” generally have less caffeine than standard coffee does.
    I often make long drives across flat land — the recipe for sleep-driving. I use energy drinks to help me stay alert but maybe it’s only been placebo affect.
    The amounts of caffeine being discussed here are harmless to anyone of adult body mass, say 100 pounds or up. You can get caffeine toxicity but you pretty much have to use pharmaceutical grade caffeine.
    There’s a gray zone of choice and hazard, but this isn’t it.

  4. They can have my coffeemaker and coffee mugs when they pry them from my cold, dead hands.

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