New York Magazine: The Climate-Change Wars Begin This Summer

“The legal challenge [for EPA regulation of power plant emissions] won’t take place for two years, but the two sides are preparing for war already. The field of battle will be the Federal Appeals Court in Washington, D.C.”

Read more at New York magazine.

2 thoughts on “New York Magazine: The Climate-Change Wars Begin This Summer”

  1. So MR Geoff, is it not the duty of the President to nominate candidates for the Judiciary? Maybe I missed a day in Civics class.

  2. Well, that link certainly takes me to a place of measured, objective reporting.
    The three branches of government are supposed to keep an eye on each other. If Congress passes something that threatens the proper roles of courts or the executive, or that encroaches on the rights of the states and the people, courts are supposed to get in the way. The three branches are meant to contend and to keep each other relatively weak. Actually, “weak” isn’t the proper idea. “Focused” would be better — focused on their proper duties and responsibilities and out of things like what kind of cabs operate in NYC or what kind of insurance plans people do or do not purchase.

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