New Green Scam: Climate Adaptation Specialists — 50,000 in the next decade

“As recently as a decade ago, the word “adaptation” was as dirty as coal in the environmental community.” reports in “Getting Rich Off Global Warming“:

“I predict there will be 30,000 to 50,000 climate and adaptation professionals in the next decade or so, up from the current low-single-digit thousands,” said Kreeger. “Already we’re seeing environmental studies and MBA programs integrate climate-related work. The ACCO will set standards and provide services, same as any other professional association.” In October, Kreeger will host a three-day “Climate Strategies Forum” at D.C.’s Wardman Park Hotel. Platinum sponsorships cost $25,000 and include a full-page program ad and a speaking slot.

3 thoughts on “New Green Scam: Climate Adaptation Specialists — 50,000 in the next decade”

  1. When the Bureau of Labor Statistics gets a hold of this one, those “climate and adaptation professionals” will be people in management positions in “green companies” with “green jobs”. Like for instance supervising garbage haulers.

  2. I am baffled what a “climate adaptation specialist” would do. I’m also baffled that there are a couple thousand now (“current low-single-digit thousands).

    Doing an internet search, I get a few hits. Most seem to be related to USAID. More of the Alphabet Soup that should be eliminated from the United States government.

  3. I do hope they get this professional certification thing going. Gives the buyer a perfect red flag to avoid.

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