4 thoughts on “MSNBC host on climate-Sandy link: ‘Proof is beside the point’”

  1. Thanks to Dolan’s story I feel much more comfortable with Christy as a presidential candidate.

  2. Of course proof is beside the point. We must all “Believe in Hope and Climate Change.” The CAGW climate change witch hunt reminds me of Brian (the dog in Family Guy) describing the 1999 pseudo-documentary horror film, “The Blair Witch Project” to a blind companion,

    Brian: “Okay they’re in the woods, the camera keeps on moving. I think they’re looking for some witch. I don’t know I wasn’t listening. Nothing’s happening. Nothing’s happening. Something about a map. Nothing’s happening. It’s over, a lot of people in the audience look pissed”.

    Yeah, this post is a bit snarky, but I’ve had enough of this nonsense from the scientifically illiterate ideological tools in the media.

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