Michael Mann Fluent in Marxism: ‘You do need collective action’ on climate

Marxist Q&A between Al Jazeera and Mann.

The Al Jazeera Host says:

In the end, what it’s about, it’s just a plutocracy and the corruption in Washington, they basically have more money than you.

Mann responds:

Well, you know, you do need collective action…

The exchange begins at about 10:50 into the video.

2 thoughts on “Michael Mann Fluent in Marxism: ‘You do need collective action’ on climate”

  1. There are two legitimate areas for collective action.
    First, there’s voluntary collective action like choosing an insurance policy or contributing to a charity or taking part in a club. These choices share risk or multiply the effectiveness of individual action.
    Second, there’s coercive collective action for genuine public goods like public safety, impartial enforcement of civil and criminal law, and national defense. We have to fund public goods with taxes or fees of some kind because they generally can’t be funded per use. If they could be funded per use, they’d probably be private goods instead of public goods. (Some slop factor there but hey, it’s a blog, not a dissertation.) (Yes, I know the difference.) (Aren’t parentheses handy?)
    Mann is claiming that climate change falls into the second category. If he and Hansen were right on the science, I might concede that they were right about the response.
    Since they are wrong on the science, and have every reason to know they are, then I have to assume their agenda is not for science but for something concealed. Since it’s concealed, I have to start from the idea that it’s a wicked idea, an idea that has to be brought about by lying to us.
    Wickedness is not a legitimate area of action, let alone a legitimate call for collective action.

  2. AH! EUREKA!

    Finally, the truth… I highly suspected, but hadn’t heard anything yet. Behind it all is the International Cabal, manipulating the unawares and the naves, and in control or influential over large swaths of western society.

    We may have won most of the wars, only to loose the final fight. People ought to start thinking about putting as much historical evidence on CDs and DVDs, encrypt them, and figure out a way to make them inert against time so they can be placed in hiding. If these guys win, 1984 will look like a Children’s tale and when the Cabal FINALLY (and irrevocably falls), all the records of how this came to pass will have been destroyed, leaving the next epic no true way of understanding it, and no inoculation against a recurrence.

    On the other hand, the time might be better spent trying to write code and raise funds to purchase test-bed machines to get ATM voting to work.

    100% accurate voting, at this point, would probably help keep them a bay long enough to work most of this garbage out. BUT…. a few more years of this, I doubt more than a decade, and they’ll have legit majorities that can’t be defeated at the ballot box.

    Accurate voting would just help the infection grow….

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