Is Kleiner Perkins Sorry It Ever Met Al Gore?

When I suggested to Kleiner Perkins chief John Doerr in 2010 that maybe Al Gore wasn’t the best point man for marketing green energy investments, Doerr angrily snapped “Forget Al Gore!”

“The nation’s most famous venture capital firm had a stunning 35.7 percent annual rate of return in the decade of the 1990s. That was before they met Al Gore.”

Read more at the American Spectator.

One thought on “Is Kleiner Perkins Sorry It Ever Met Al Gore?”

  1. If the 39.5% were continued, then soon most of the American economy would be Kleiner Perkins.
    Even the mighty Microsoft that rose to nearly $50 a share in 2000, dropped to the $30s and stayed around $30 thereafter.

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