Insider: Obama dragging his feet on Keystone XL decision

Too bad Obamacare didn’t get this much consideration.

Reuters reports:

The Obama administration is unlikely to make a decision on the Canada-to-Nebraska Keystone XL pipeline until late this year as it painstakingly weighs the project’s impact on the environment and on energy security, a U.S. official and analysts said on Friday.

The decision may not be made until November, December or even early 2014, said a U.S. official, as President Barack Obama will not rush the process, which still has a number of stages to work through. One of those stages has not even begun yet and will run for months.

Read more at Reuters.

2 thoughts on “Insider: Obama dragging his feet on Keystone XL decision”

  1. THIS… is what happens when you SELL the same seat to two passengers, someone is going to get really POd at having been forced off the plane when they were holding what they thought was a perfectly good ticket to ride…..

    One would think it illegal, but just like at the Airport… its apparently not…..

  2. It is important to recruit rational liberals (like myself) to support pipeline since conservatives, though right on this issue, will hold less sway among Democrats simply because of who they are and what other causes they tend to support. The environmental scammers are getting a free ride on the backs of the liberal establishment. This is not a liberal versus conservative issue. It’s a science versus junk science issue.

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