Hockey Stick Co-Author wants to talk to Pope on global warming: ‘He’s a guy that would really get it’

Possibly the Pope is the “kinda guy” that can smell BS a mile away.

Ray Bradley says:

There are religious groups that we should be working with to try to get that moral hazard front and center. And I think the, I’m not a Catholic but I think the new Pope, I would love to have the chance to sit and talk with him ‘cuz I think he’s a guy that would really get it and would have a “pulpit” so to speak where he could make the point to a lot of people all at once. And I think that we will hear from him on these issues. I think he’s the kinda guy who will speak out on these issues.

Watch the video. This clip begins around 1:17.

5 thoughts on “Hockey Stick Co-Author wants to talk to Pope on global warming: ‘He’s a guy that would really get it’”

  1. “Moral hazard?” Hopefully, the new “Papa de la Famiglia del Mundo” has brushed up on his biblical theology, including Gen. 8:22 and Romans 1:25. There’s going to be a lot of the world’s goofballs seeking religious (otherwise defined as “God as Government’s”) approval, and he needs to be on his game. I’m not holding my CO2 laden breath.

  2. My read on Pope Francis is that he might be granola-crunchy progressive in some ways. I could be wrong and I hope I am. I have read that he has a dim view of liberation theology and that was a good sign to me.

  3. Do a quick study of Marxist Liberation Theology in Hispanola, throw in a cup or two of Reverend Wright’s ideology, and you’ll be well on you way toward a full-orbed understanding of modern day granola-crunchy progressivism.

  4. An institution that’s 2,000 years old, and seen two warm periods and a little Ice Age, might not be terribly impressed with the latest fashions, nor with the claim that ‘but it’s people doing it this time’.

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