Hansen: Third party may be needed to advocate a carbon tax

From Hansen’s latest rant:

So, if in a few years the two major parties remain uncompromising and unsupportive of a carbon fee, it would not surprise me if Citizens Climate Lobby became a major force for a centrist third party.

Read more of Hansen’s latest.

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4 thoughts on “Hansen: Third party may be needed to advocate a carbon tax”

  1. Why do we not let Dr. Hansen fade away like all of those old generals that MacArthur spoke about? Why do we continue to repeat what he has said and thereby expand his audience?

  2. Yes, let’s get that third party rolling. I’m sure Mr. Perot, Mr. Anderson and Mr. Nader will be available to advise.
    The last time a third party became a second party in the US was 1856-ish.

  3. Heh, Jim reminds us yet again of why he’s not a political genius….Even worse at it than he is at science.

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