Gov. Christie angers enviros: ‘No proof that Sandy was caused by climate change’

Chris Christie is a warmist — but that’s not good enough for the cult. You must stick to the entire warmist script or you may as well be a denier.

The Daily Beast reports:

So now Chris Christie is a climate-change denier. He was at a ceremony Monday, just a few hours before Moore, Oklahoma got pounded for the sixth time in recent years…

And so we circle back now to Christie on the boardwalk. Should New Jersey have prepared with climate change in mind? No, the governor said, “’cause I don’t think there’s been any proof thus far that Sandy was caused by climate change.”

It’s that “proof” that’s the giveaway. No proof is what the science deniers say.

Read more at the Daily Beast.

5 thoughts on “Gov. Christie angers enviros: ‘No proof that Sandy was caused by climate change’”

  1. If we implemented draconian measures and redistributed wealth, we’d find out “what if we still got hit with F5 tornadoes?”, because we would still have them.
    I’m sure the agenda would be more draconian measures and more redistribution of wealth, though.

  2. If you’re not 100% with the warmists, you are against them. Of course, if we were to implement draconian measures and redistribute wealth and still got hit with F5 tornadoes, then what?

  3. Christie’s gravitation pull is what caused the higher storm surge. That’s why he had lap band surgery, to lower the threat of future storm surges.

  4. Chris Christie is left of me on most views. He’s still right that Sandy’s links to climate change are tenuous at best and probably non-existent.
    Planning for climate change is a fool’s task. Planning for an event like Sandy is a community task, government and private sector both, because any coastal area is vulnerable to some kind of storm or tidal anomaly. Thus my discussion on the Bill Nye Oklahoma thread.

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