2 thoughts on “Geoengineering: Our Last Hope, or a False Promise?”

  1. I live in Rochester, NY and it seems like every day i am looking up in the beautiful blue sky only to see govt. planes spraying toxic crap into the atmosphere. Its sickens me, see, knowing whats going on.And not being able to do anything about it is the most frustrating part. They are ruining the planet and they have been doing it for a very long time… Got those GMO’s MONSANTO? You pricks. I hope you all die horrible deaths for what your doing. Look up the Hegelian Dialectic; they always use it

  2. If geoengineering is the answer, what is the ideal temperature/climate that you will produce? Will all nations/people accept it? And how do you pretend to achieve it?
    It ain’t easy playin’ God.

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