EU vote today could ‘end climate hysteria’

The day global warming died?

EurActiv reports:

Europe’s plan to decarbonise its economy by 2050 could be turned on its head at a summit today (22 May) if EU heads of state and government sign off on measures prioritising industrial competitiveness over climate change in draft conclusions seen by EurActiv.

The draft text says that EU policy must ensure “competitive” energy prices, and declares it “crucial” that Europe diversify its energy supply and develop “indigenous energy resources” – a reference to renewable energies, but also coal, nuclear power and shale gas.

One high-profile German MEP Holger Krahmer (ALDE), hailed the end of “climate hysteria” in a jubilant press statement.

5 thoughts on “EU vote today could ‘end climate hysteria’”

  1. In all fairness their slide into irrelevancy was started long ago by their socialistic bent. The AGW folly merely played into their pre-conceived and pre-doomed script, making the inevitable more rapid and more painful.

  2. The folly of AGW has resulted in several EU countries heading into bankruptcy. Now that the EU is on the brink of receivership, they are finally coming to their senses and marginalizing the extremists.

  3. It would be a great delight to see Europe take a more liberty-oriented, wealth-oriented decision after half a century of working against its own interests.
    European prosperity is good for America and the world, as our own prosperity is good for Europe and the world.

  4. I would not start choreography for the dance on the grave of this religion as yet. There are many people born in the 70’s who have been inculcated with the articles of faith in Anthropogenic Global Warming and cannot conceive it not being true. Entire industries and marketing exercises have been set up around AGW it will not be as easy to forget as the 70’s ice-age scare.

  5. How delightfully ironic that the issue of economic development through energy industrialism versus economic constriction through environmental anti-industrialism is decided by consensus.

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