EU dialing back on global warming

Affordable energy is to be prioritized over cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

The European Union, which has spearheaded efforts to curb global warming, is set to adopt a change of focus in response to concerns over costs and the impact on companies in economically depressed Europe.

Under the change, the European Uniln will prioritize the supply of energy at affordable prices over cutting greenhouse gas emissions which impose burdens on industries, in a turnaround of the region’s energy policy, an EU official said Saturday.

EU leaders will decide on the shift in energy policy at a meeting Wednesday.

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4 thoughts on “EU dialing back on global warming”

  1. Dang it, just when US manufacturing is getting the upper hand over Europe due to energy costs, they pull something like this. We need to threaten those European NGOs with a funding cut if they don’t do something about this.

  2. There is no reason to prioritize carbon issues or climate issues as if the EU can actually alter climate or weather.
    There’s still the strong flavor of tyranny, perhaps soft and self-chosen but tyranny all the same, in the idea that the EU energy officials are setting these priorities. Maybe the people of Europe should be setting them.

  3. I won’t hold my breath for any thank-yous directed at those of us who have helped to educate them.

    Still, my reaction was one of great relief, at untold human suffering foregone, for the time being.

    To EU energy officials: you have shown that you are not quite as irrational as self-serving and/or self-destructive as the likes of Michael E. Mann, Peter Gleick, and Lewandowsky. Good for you, though I would like to think you can aspire to an even higher standard standard than that, if such a standard can be imagined. Think it over.


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