Enviros attack Hansen for nuclear power support

He’s a “policy flake” and “radically downplays the risk of nuclear power.” Apaprently, Hansen is not a believer in the linear nonthreshold model of cancer risk — so he’s not all bad.

Read “James Hansen’s nuclear junk science.”

2 thoughts on “Enviros attack Hansen for nuclear power support”

  1. Hansen may be a bit loco on his interpretations of atmospheric science, but he’s not an idiot and did earn his doctorate legitimately. He is also seriously convinced of the seriousness of the situation and his actions are genuine. At NASA he’s seen hundreds of radiation tests and exposure data from the Van Allen belt and cosmic ray data, and I’m certain that someone has proposed a fission-powered spacecraft and done basic analysis of possible exposure. It stands to reason that Hansen has plenty of knowledge on the subject, and if anything begins to look less scary when understood, it’s nuclear power.

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