Clinton mocks Bloomberg’s climate, disaster fears

Bill Clinton asked Bloomberg what were his climate change-related nightmare scenarios for New York City. After Bloomberg responded with a litany of natural and manmade disasters, Clinton said:

I recommend that we flee from the room and lock ourselves in the nearest closet.

Read more at Capital New York.

7 thoughts on “Clinton mocks Bloomberg’s climate, disaster fears”

  1. Why do ex-democrat presidents never go away? Clinton is on the news as much as when president. Carter can’t help himself. It’s always about the money, but democrats mask their greed by hiding it under the guise of doing “good” things and getting people to give them money. They enter politics “poor” but come out wealthy. Didn’t realize holding office was a profit-making venture.

  2. Hmmm… is it really possible that with global temperatures stalled for 17 years and CO2 refusing to cross the 400 ppm line, that the warmists might actually declare victory and move on?

    It sure is tempting, but it’s never really been about the CO2 or the temperatures. They won’t go away as long as there’s money in the system for warm-mongering.

  3. I think Clinton sees all the C40 BS as an opening for him to be a world leader. An alliance of the world’s big cities could be quite powerful politically.

    “Acting both locally and collaboratively, C40 Cities are having a meaningful global impact in reducing both greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks. Through a partnership with the Clinton Climate Initiative, C40 brings together a unique set of assets and creates a shared sense of purpose.”

    Atmospheric CO2 and global temp has stabilized. Congratulations to C40!

  4. Clinton is probably wise to see mayor Big Gulp as a threat to Hillary’s White House plans. I’ll get the popcorn….with lots of butter.

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