Claim: Global majority faces water shortages ‘within two generations’

Water is the most abundant substance on the planet. If anyone can’t get it, its likely because:

  • The enviros are constricting supply;
  • Bad/corrupt government is constricting supply; and/or
  • Poverty is constructing supply/.
  • All of these bottlenecks are readily fixed by wealth-generating individual liberty and limited government.

    Read The Guardian’s fear-mongering.

    3 thoughts on “Claim: Global majority faces water shortages ‘within two generations’”

    1. Can’t let peope have water, need it for the snail darters and delta smelt or anything else enviros can dream up. One enviro told us: “We don’t give a damn about the snail darters, but they make a good excuse to prevent the constructionof the dam.”

    2. Farms in California cannot be irrigated because a federal judge decrees that a relatively unknown fish in may be harmed.
      Don’t worry, the judge and the enviros won’t be blamed as food prices rise and people starve. Its global warming’s fault.

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