Claim: Electric cars save human lives by reducing fossil fuel use

Until they need recharging, that is. 75% of U.S. electricity is fossil fuel based.


Between the 2050s and 2080s, projections show a net increase of 15 to 30 percent in temperature related deaths, which would mean that, on average there would be 1,000 temperature-related deaths in Manhattan each year.

Extrapolate this across the nation, and unless we do something right now to curb the devastating effects of climate change, thousands of Americans will lose their lives.

Since cars are a major burner of fossil fuels, one of the actions that we should take right now is to invest more in cleaner and greener automobile technology.

3 thoughts on “Claim: Electric cars save human lives by reducing fossil fuel use”

  1. They would save human lives, an EV parked alongside the road with a dead battery isn’t going to hit any pedestrians or T-bone any other cars.

  2. To say nothing about the carbon footprint of building the batteries, etc., plus the other environmental destruction in getting the rare earth elements required for the electrical system/batteries.

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