Charade: Michael Mann again pretends to be an ‘involuntary public figure’; Posturing for defamation lawsuit

He also claims to be a victim of McCarthyism…

… that’s good because Joe McCarthy was correct. reports:

Mann called himself “a reluctant and accidental public figure in the debate over climate change.”

He was at the center of the 2009 “Climategate” scandal involving the global warming issue. Based on stolen e-mails, scientists were accused of manipulating data to promote their theory that global warming is being exacerbated by humans.

Global warning was portrayed by some as a liberal hoax. Mann said scientists were subjected to intimidation and modern day McCarthyism by powerful politicians.

Click for more on the Mann’s “involuntary public figure” charade.

9 thoughts on “Charade: Michael Mann again pretends to be an ‘involuntary public figure’; Posturing for defamation lawsuit”

  1. I remember that when in 2009 I read a couple of Steyn articles about this huge scandal, a couple of emails in particular really struck my curiosity and left me in awe. They were between Mann and his British counterpart and they were plotting to have people fired from scientific magazines just for the crime of having published a dissenting article that didn’t align with the religion of AGW. Their tone was shocking. It could have been Lavrentiy Beriya talking with Stalin. And this guy now cries that he feels persecuted????? I hope all this will truly and completely shame his name till the day he dies and further. I’m only sorry for the unlucky movie director that just share his name.

  2. Involuntary, of course. They thought they could achieve everything they wanted behind the scenes, and now it’s all public. Publicity is always good, right?

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