12 thoughts on “Canadian climate artist claims censorship because the government wouldn’t sponsor her”

  1. “A Climate Artist” ? ? ?
    Sounds like another ONE season worker on the East Coast . . . . lol

  2. I have a family member who is raising funds for a new arts project in the classical music field. It takes hard work but there is money out there through distributed funding avenues.
    If this womans “project” had any merit there would be funds available. Since it is evidently so poorly conceived or such a hare-brained scheme that the Canadian Government doesn’t want to get involved it would appear to have no social value.

  3. If she had legitimate claim, skeptics around the world could bankrupt every government.

  4. What is a “climate artist”? She makes snow-persons? She makes ice sculptures? She paints clouds?
    I am a piss artist but government will not buy my beer. Is there no justice?

  5. “she doesn’t like the Conservative government and wants to make them look bad,”

    I love the irony – she’s the one who looks bad.

  6. A woman entitled to her entitlements. Think about it, she says she is a private business but wants the government to fund her private business. Artists and writers in Canada have come to expect government funding when they don’t want to do it themselves, at least until the current government came into power. Of course that is the real issue here – she doesn’t like the Conservative government and wants to make them look bad,

  7. “As a Canadian citizen, to know that the government is interfering in private business is really shocking.”

    Shocking that a Canadian citizen would think that a government funded activity is “private business.”

  8. I liked the part about US “scientists” freely giving her answers on the impact of climate change on the Arctic and Antarctic. Apparently our PR department is more efficient at aiding propaganda than Canada’s.

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