Bush EPA chief calls Senate GOP ‘sore losers’ for opposing EPA nominee

Consider the source…

… Christie Todd Whitman really didn’t know the difference between ozone depletion and global warming when she became EPA chief.

As I reported in my FOXNews.com column of January 5, 2001 (see below):

After being nominated [to be EPA administrator], [Christie Todd] Whitman was asked: “Global warming, what is your thought on what the state of science is and what can be done to address it?” She responded: “Still somewhat uncertain. Clearly there’s a hole in the ozone, that has been identified. But I saw a study the other day that showed that it was closing. It’s not as clear, the cause and effect, as we would like it to be.”

Read more at National Journal.

5 thoughts on “Bush EPA chief calls Senate GOP ‘sore losers’ for opposing EPA nominee”

  1. And since the topic is New Jersey’s stellar politicos’ contributions to the global warming/cooling/environmental “we’re all gonna die either between the next 10 minutes or the next 50 billion years” debate, I thought I’d add the following:

    “Two democratic lawmakers–one from the east, the other from the west–have introduced a bill to create a vast network of wildlife corridors crisscrossing the entire country. Introduced by Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ) and Jared Polis (D-Colo.) to commemorate Earth Day 2010, the legislation would ‘protect’ wildlife corridors . . .


    It seems like we’re being impelled to Rush to the Polis. Of course, that’s what UN Agenda 21’s “walkable/sustainable” plan is all about!


  2. Has Lisa Jackson’s ideological mentor (a “sore quitter,” and also from NJ) taken a break from advising the “business bureaucracies?” “Meet your Green Team:”
    Was she not responsible for creating by bureaucratic edict . . .
    . . . the “New Jersey Office of Sustainability” on Earth Day, 1997? (This is NJ’s own brand of ICLEI):

    Christie Todd Whitman epitomizes the words of Minnesota Rep. Vin Weber, who said, “We create the government that screws you, and then you’re supposed to thank us for protecting you from it.”

  3. I can guarantee one thing. If they came out in support for their challenge there wouldn’t be one word said about it. It amazes me that these loons can’t see how they are being used. Do they really believe that their views are so important that the media just can’t wait to seek them out for their brilliance and insights? Do they really believe the media seeks them out in order to gain understanding on the complications of this issue? Dumb as dirt! Thomas Sowell once said it amazed him how people with brains that housed such small intellects could house such large egos.

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