Bill McKibben: Since atmospheric CO2 at 350, ‘we melted the Arctic’

Someone should tell the Arctic ice that it no longer exists.

Grist reports:

“Somehow in the last 50 ppm we melted the Arctic,” said environmentalist and founder of activist group Bill McKibben, who called today’s news a “grim but predictable milestone” and has long used the symbolic number as a rallying call for climate action. “We’ll see what happens in the next 50.”

Read “Arctic sea ice almost exactly average for this time of year.

4 thoughts on “Bill McKibben: Since atmospheric CO2 at 350, ‘we melted the Arctic’”

  1. I only picked up on this as my Twitter user name is CraigM350 – the 350 being a dig at the warmistas’/apocalypse philiasts last frothing number. Anyway

    McKibben at it 5 years ago:

    If we are at 385 parts per million, and everything is melting, what does that tell you? What it tells you is: This is not a future problem.

    What does it tell me? The extra 15ppm has put the brakes on the heat! He was right it’s not a future problem.

    As one commentator put it “McKibben’s alarmism is exceeded only by his reluctance to ascertain the facts.” At least he’s consistent.

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