Barbara Boxer accuses GOP of sexism in opposing EPA nominee Gina McCarthy

“They say they’re for womens’ advancement. Here’s a clear case where they ought to prove it.”

Sen. Barasso responds:

I believe the EPA is failing America. I believe Gina McCarthy has been a significant part of that failure over the past four years. I opposed her nomination and will continue to oppose her nomination.

Read more at Huffington Post.

5 thoughts on “Barbara Boxer accuses GOP of sexism in opposing EPA nominee Gina McCarthy”

  1. Whoa! Careful here! What if she knows what it is? Next thing you know she’s declared citric acid a dangerous pollutant.

  2. We should be concerned with selecting competent, dedicated people for advancement, especially in government. Gender should be left out of the discussion entirely.
    With this possible exception: if a position has been traditionally dominated by one gender, like nursing or engineering, then it makes some sense to let all potential candidates know of the opportunity. If you advertise for nurses only in Redbook, you’ll miss some excellent candidates. If you post for engineers only in Popular Mechanics, same thing.

  3. Just because someone is a woman or a minority (whatever that means anymore), it doesn’t make them qualified for the job/position.

    It is interesting that the first argument Boxer uses is the sex/race discrimination card.

    Think about it . . .

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