Appeals court upholds local fracking bans in NY

New York municipalities can use local zoning laws to ban the practice of hydraulic fracturing to drill for natural gas, a mid-level state appeals court said last week. The town of Skaneateles used a series of zoning laws to prohibit heavy industry last year.

Read more at Skaneateles Journal.

5 thoughts on “Appeals court upholds local fracking bans in NY”

  1. Kind of like the losers in California who want no electricity from coal fired plants even though we all know that it’s all on a grid etc., but boy, aren’t those folks in California green for “getting their power” from different sources. Charge them through the nose and let them move back to the stone age.

  2. Econ 101 operates here. If a municipality prohibits fracking in city limits, the nearby unincorporated areas and other cities can provide the venue for fracking. The cities that ban fracking will lose some benefits. If the residents are displeased, they can support local officials who support development.

  3. I see no reason not to charge through the nose for provide natural gas to the residents of Skaneateles.

  4. I see no reason to provide natural gas to people that don’t want it extracted from the ground.

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