6 thoughts on “Al Gore claims 400 ppm CO2 level breached; No confirmation yet from Scripps”

  1. – for the record the measurements of both institutes (which use the same instruments) were later adjusted DOWNWARDS (as they regularly are, to account for freak pulses and volcano contamination). About 1 week later the 400ppm limit was “really” crossed on about 5 days out of 10 before dropping DOWN as the season’s high had been reached. It will cross 400ppm again sometime in Spring 2014

  2. Just got back from the Scripps web page on CO2. They also claim to have data for Sea Water CO2, but the most recent observations they post are 50 years old! Honestly, from 1963!
    You have to wonder how anybody can claim CO2 is acidifying the oceans when they can’t even tell us how much CO2 is *IN* the oceans.

  3. If we happened to have eight digits instead of ten, this excitement would have come at 8^2×4, or 256ppm. Or maybe at 8^2×5, 320ppm. In terms of the physics of climate, it means nothing at all.

  4. Keeling have confirmed by retitling their Twitter Feed : “Daily update on global CO2 from Scripps Institution of Oceanography as concentrations reach 400 parts per million. Get the story behind this key record.”
    – now BBC says it was 400.03 on Thursday
    ..how’s that ? ..They mean Friday as Hawaii is over the date line I guess

    .. very convenient for GreenTeamMedia to have all weekend to hype the story

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