4 thoughts on “10 signs the warming scare is all hot air”

  1. Sad to say, but Bolt is right about waning public enthusiasm. We really need to review tactics, but that is going to be difficult with the budget pressures we will see tomorrow. Personally, what I can’t abide are skin diseases.

    Perhaps, if we worked with Karoly and Grattan Institute and others, we could advance the truth that climate change will cause outbreaks of scabies. Women in particular are very sensitive about their appearance, so we could potential re-cement the support of 50% of the population straight away.

    Just an idea, and I’d love to hear other suggestions how we can get some steam back into the boiler.

    Legal experts, is there any way we could drag Bolt into court again, as the Indigenes did. Bolt is the source of so much misinformation and he doesn’t even have a degree! Is there no legal way we can force him to maintain an enforced silence

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