7 thoughts on “UVermont students stage ‘die-in’ to ‘highlight deadly effects of climate change, fossil fuel use’”

  1. Brainwashing students is part of the liberal agenda. We don’t educate students anymore; they are brainwashed. The cost of a college training is too high considering the quality of the end product.

  2. The more things change; the more they stay the same. College campi; the seat of much stupidity. Now it’s just more than when I was in school, the 60’s.

  3. “Climate change” isn’t even verifiable in the time scale we’re talking about — since about 1850 — in terms of trending in extreme weather events.
    People get killed by weather events like floods and storms. People also suffer during droughts or other events that cut down on crops. But that’s been true for all of known history. You only get to blame climate change if a) you can demonstrate it’s happened and b) you can demonstrate that it’s caused specific weather events. Both fail. NED.

  4. If you live in the temperate zone, the climate changes 4 times every year. Heat stroke, falling on the ice, you name it, I bet you could get a good number.

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