4 thoughts on “The real deniers of climate change”

  1. MT Geoff got it right. The left took over the green movement almost from the start with Rachel Carson’s lie-fest “Silent Spring.”

    I doubt that any thinking person would want to despoil the earth — and some means of controlling unrestricted of pollution is needed. But AGW was a highly unlikely ‘problem’ from the beginning — and the proposed solution, the destruction of the world’s productive economy, only made sense to leftist dogmatists.

  2. Anthropogenic global warming is a scientific theory subject to falsification or verification — and so far it’s been falsified. From a scientific point of view, it was a concept worth exploring but it’s always been weak and the last fifteen years have pretty much falsified it — if the dependent variable is not changing as the independent variable changes, the independent variable is not driving the dependent variable.,
    Okay, we all knew that.
    Sally1137 is right, of course, that AGW quickly became the tool of the nannies and the bullies and the moochers and the looters. Their machinery helps them conceal that their key premise is false. The hoi polloi of the climate movement probably still believe but it’s hard to think that the leaders do.

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    With each passing year, it is becoming increasingly clear that global warming is not a scientific theory subject to empirical falsification, but a political ideology that has to be fiercely defended against any challenge. It is ironic that skeptics are called “deniers” when every fact that would tend to falsify global warming is immediately explained away by an industry of denial.

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