Study: Rate of warming over the past century highly unusual but not unprecedented in context of natural climate variability

The researchers analysed a 364-metre long ice core drilled from James Ross Island, off the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, near where the massive Larsen B ice shelf disintegrated in early 2002.

Read more in The Australian.

17 thoughts on “Study: Rate of warming over the past century highly unusual but not unprecedented in context of natural climate variability”

  1. so, back on track, what do ANY of these links have to do with the subject of the thread? (Hint: Nothing) Deforestation by clear cutting is a different matter and was not caused by AGW.

    Humans, yes; AGW, no.

    Serious, yes; the subject of this thread, no.

    All you’ve done is hijack a thread and attempted to turn it into a diatribe against clear cutting. For us to pay attention to you you will need to learn to play well with others and stick to the subject of the thread. Otherwise folks will tend to just dismiss you as some sort of foaming ecoflake. And you might want to expand your research, 12 (?) references to the same exact publication is hardly compelling…..

  2. Listen Sting, if you are going to insult someone’s intelligence please learn to spell, write in complete sentences, post html links, and lay off the caps lock.

  3. What a tragic loss we are continuing to suffer.
    Having and continuing to promote ignorance of our effects on the world is the most dangerous thing we do.

  4. “A squirrel could go from tree to tree from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River without touching the ground.”

    What a terrible loss we have suffered.

  5. Explain how the great forest disappeared, please! Was it the mammoths? The bison? The bark beetles? No, it was and is us…
    By nurturing forest do you mean clear cutting, because that’s what is going on now all over the world.
    GOOGLE… Image search…
    THE EARTH IS MORE THAN 6,000 yrs. old….
    DROPPED OUT OF HOME SCHOOL, HUH? You failed obviously.
    Use the internet to find out what scientists say not what Rush “the magic” lint ball says. He’s payed to toe the line, not tell the truth.
    Go look up images of the plastic that covers large areas of the Pacific.
    These article are from Terradaily. A good source of SCIENCE, not hear say…
    Small-Scale Logging Leads To Clear-Cutting In Brazilian Amazon
    Aug 2, 2006 … Stanford CA (SPX) Aug 02, 2006 – A team of scientists, led by Greg Asner of the Carnegie Institution’s Department of Global Ecology, has ……/Small_Scale_Logging_Leads_To_Clear_Cutting_In_ Brazilian_Amazon_999.html

    Most New Farmland Comes From Cutting Tropical Forest
    Sep 9, 2010 … Stanford CA (SPX) Sep 09, 2010 – Global agricultural expansion cut a wide swath through … Clear cutting for agriculture in Brazilian Pantanal.…/Most_New_Farmland_Comes_From_Cutting_ Tropical_Forest_999.html

    Scientists develop first satellite deforestation tracker for whole of …
    Jun 21, 2012 … London UK (SPX) Jun 21, 2012 – An international team of researchers in Colombia, the UK, USA and Switzerland have developed the first ever ……/Scientists_develop_first_satellite_deforestation_ tracker_for_whole_of_Latin_America_999.html

    DMCii’s detailed satellite imagery helps Brazil stamp out … –
    Apr 17, 2012 … INPE is leading the world in the use of satellite imagery to monitor deforestation, providing information central to Brazil’s war on deforestation ……/DMCii_detailed_satellite_imagery_helps_Brazil_ stamp_out_deforestation_as_it_happens_999.html

    Protected areas prevent deforestation in Amazon rainforest
    Mar 13, 2013 … Ann Arbor MI (SPX) Mar 13, 2013 – Strictly protected areas such as national parks and biological reserves have been more effective at reducing ……/Protected_areas_prevent_deforestation_in_Amazon_ rainforest_999.html

    Satellites show less pollution from deforestation
    Jun 21, 2012 … Washington (AFP) June 21, 2012 – Satellite data has shown that harmful carbon emissions from forest loss around the world may be up to 70 ……/Satellites_show_less_pollution_from_deforestation_ 999.html

    Disney invests in Peru to prevent deforestation
    Mar 21, 2013 … Lima (AFP) March 20, 2013 – The Walt Disney Company has bought $3.5 million in carbon credits to prevent the destruction of a jungle in the ……/Disney_invests_in_Peru_to_prevent_deforestation_ 999.html

    Massive deforestation risks turning Somalia into desert
    Nov 19, 2012 … Jalelo, Somalia (AFP) Nov 19, 2012 – Hassan Hussein cuts down 40 trees every month to fuel his charcoal business, fully aware of the impact ……/Massive_deforestation_risks_turning_Somalia_into_ desert_999.html

    Deforestation in the Amazon equals net losses of diversity for …
    Dec 27, 2012 … Arlington VA (SPX) Dec 27, 2012 – Research from an international team of microbiologists has revealed a new concern about deforestation in ……/Deforestation_in_the_Amazon_equals_net_losses_of_ diversity_for_microbial_communities_999.html

    Brazil says Amazon deforestation at record low
    Nov 27, 2012 … Brasilia (AFP) Nov 27, 2012 – Deforestation of Brazil’s Amazon has slowed for a fourth consecutive year to its lowest rate since authorities ……/Brazil_says_Amazon_deforestation_at_record_low_ 999.html

    Paper giant APP promises no deforestation in Indonesia
    Feb 5, 2013 … Jakarta (AFP) Feb 5, 2013 – The world’s third-largest paper producer Asia Pulp and Paper said Tuesday it had stopped using logs from ……/Paper_giant_APP_promises_no_deforestation_in_ Indonesia_999.html

    Asian paper giant to halt deforestation
    Feb 5, 2013 … Jakarta (UPI) Feb 5, 2013 – Paper products giant Asia Pulp and Paper Group has pledged to stop all natural forest clearing in Indonesia.…/Asian_paper_giant_to_halt_deforestation_999.html

  6. So, when did all these forests disappear? here’s a clue: well before evil mankind happened upon the scene. Desertification is largely a result of plate techtonics, and unless those big bad oil “scills” are moving the continents around your point is pure idiocy.

    Here’s an idea: make a big sign and stand in the middle of the freeway to get folk’s attention.

  7. So climate is variable, warmth is variable, and the rate of change in warmth is variable. Who’d a thunk that about a muti-variant coupled non-linear system?
    zagozana, plant cover changes over time with or without human intervention. Humans have replaced areas of vegation with cities and we’ve changed vegetation in some areas. We’ve also nurtured forests and wild areas. There’s no good way to evaluate how those changes may have affected local weather or CO2 exchange.
    Humans have indeed put dangerous items in the environment. And wealthy societies, not poor ones, have worked to remove them.

  8. and it was once said that you should remain silent and let folks think you are a fool rather than to speak up and prove it.

  9. In case you haven’t noticed there are no more great forests and grass lands that used to cover this world.
    They would have been here to help to balance the effects of our rise in CO2 which we, with out any doubt have been spewing into the atmosphere.
    Only an idiot that makings believe he’s a scientist would forget that we have scaped the lands clean and poisoned the environment like we have.
    Do you work for Exxon/Mobil or BP or Big Coal? Only they would try to pass this off as science…
    It was once said that, “A squirrel could go from tree to tree from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River without touching the ground”.
    80% of the tree’s mass comes from CO2.
    You are no scientist just scill for the energy conglomerates…
    You are a junk scientist don’cha know…

  10. Media reports point out the last 600 years of warming, but ignore the first 400 years of the record. Wonder why?

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