Schwarzenegger: Climate skeptics are ‘stupid’; ‘It is more than clear that the science is in, the debate is over’

Memo to Ah-nold: “The debate is over” is so 2007.

At a Monday forum on global warming at USC, Schwarzenegger said:

“If we are smart, we listen to our doctors, and if we are stupid, we ignore our doctors and it takes a heart attack to realize that we should listen,” Schwarzenegger said. “The National Climate Assessment Report is our physical and these scientists can give us a prescription for what we need to do to improve our climate. It is our duty to listen to them and encourage action — action all over the country.”

Read more at The Daily Trojan.

8 thoughts on “Schwarzenegger: Climate skeptics are ‘stupid’; ‘It is more than clear that the science is in, the debate is over’”

  1. Yes, I went to my local sawbones and, without looking up from his computer, he asserted that I had a strong chance, on the balance of probabilities, according to his modelling, of suffering from a stroke, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, skin cancer and heat-related insanity and he’d have to remove my prostate and genitals immediately, and at least one of my limbs, on the precautionary principle, and that I’d have to sign a contract giving him ten percent of my income for the rest of life to fund alternative therapies.
    When I suggested that I required a second opinion he shouted that everyone else followed his instructions without question, that he was a physician and I wasn’t, that there was a clear and overwhelming medical consensus, and that I was obviously an evil denier of medical science in the pay of big orchardists.

  2. I’ve liked a lot of Schwahzeneggeh’s movies, even if he did leave all his R’s in Austchia, and I had such hopes when he called himself a Hwepublican. His suppoht for Amehica after 9/11 was all one could hope foh.
    He has since shown himself to be a decent actor and a bozo in real life.

  3. I like Arny, but in the future he should stick to making escapist action movies. Wrt the medical doctor analogy, we get second opinions because doctors make errors in diagnosis and perform unnecessary invasive surgery that sometimes leads to the death of the patient. I’m certain that my fellow JunkScience readers can make any number of (and much better) counter-analogies.

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