5 thoughts on “Poll: Why is Michael Mann pushing the idea of his own assassination? Fear, paranoia or more Twitter followers?”

  1. I put number 3 because it was better than the others, but it’s more than that. From my vantage point, it appears to be more a desire for empathy as much as a desire for vindication. He probably wishes that a big oil hit squad would come barging in the door and he’s only saved in the nick of time by Captain Planet (or Batman, but CP would be better). That would validate his position in his eyes.

    Mann and Hansen appear to be among the self-fooled. They really think that they are on the side of righteousness against evil corporations here. While I don’t like anyone thinking that I work for the equivalent of Luthercorp, this does make them less guilty than certain others. While they certainly relish the attention, I think that’s not the primary aim.

    Or I may be just an optimist. After the dissapointment of Bill Nye, when he showed that he was willing to commit outright experimental fraud on a simple experiment, I need to look for some good in the other side. Otherwise it’s just depressing.

  2. He’s extrapolating from his GAM, Global Assasination Model….

    Of course, he faked that model too.

  3. The missing option: He believes in threats as an indicator of importance. Unimportant people don’t get assassinated, right?

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