5 thoughts on “Ocean pump keeps northern hemisphere hot”

  1. You and I should go do some research on the Riviera first, then at a comparable latitude in Australia and/or New Zealand. Ya think? Who will fun(d) us?

  2. I was going to comment on the use of “blame,” too.

    “The northern hemisphere is currently 1.5 °C warmer on average than the southern hemisphere.”

    “the northern hemisphere is consistently hotter”

    “1.5 °C warmer” doesn’t seem to qualify as “hot,” either.

  3. “…is to blame.” That implies there’s something harmful about warmth in the north and something beneficial about coolness in the south. Nonsense. The ocean circulation makes crops possible in Western Europe that are more problematic when you move east on the Eurasion land mass. It also makes the French Riviera a lovely place — so I’m told, never been there.

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