3 thoughts on “Nuremberg-Trials-for-Skeptics guy unhappy with U.S. democracy: ‘Barriers to action absurdly high’”

  1. “Absurdly high”? Good grief. Any 2-bit NGO of I-can-do-no-value-add-work-so-I’ll-be-an-activist membership can file suit and block multi-billion-dollar projects using the flimsiest of arguments, at near-zero cost to themselves, but which forces the defendant to spend millions to answer the complaint and to defend; and even if the defendant wins, the plaintiff rarely bears any of the defendant’s costs or other consequences. Our current legal system verily encourages/stimulates suits with exceedingly low barriers to file and few if any consequences for being wrong.

  2. Dave’s been drinking Algore’s Venus koolaid. Dave, North Korea and/or Iran will have nuked us long before 2300.

  3. Roberts is your run of the mill stupid lefty green. Reading what he writes is a complete waste of time and may even make you stupider. He works for Grist which is funded by Google so anytime you feel sympathetic for Google, remember that they are funding dumb asses like Roberts.

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