NOAA: ‘Climate literacy’ for kids includes knowing both the Mann and Marcott hokey sticks

The IPCC has abandoned Mann’s. Marcott has debinked his own. Why is NOAA teaching this junk?

In Activity 8 of “Activity Book: Discover Your Changing World With NOAA: Ten Activities to Introduce You to the Essential Principles of Climate Science,” NOAA first pushes the Marcott hokey stick:

Climate Science Literacy means understanding how you affect climate and how climate affects you and the society in which you live.

Why is Climate Science Literacy important? Because in the last 100 years, Earth’s average global temperature increased more rapidly than at any other time in the last 10,000 years. In the 21st century, climate scientists expect temperature will continue to increase, probably even more than it did during the 20th century…[Note: Highlighted text is the take-home message from the Marcott hokey stick]

NOAA then offers a flashcard-type game to play to improve “climate literacy.” Here’s the Q&A for the Mann hokey stick:

NOAA Hokey Stick Q


NOAA Hokey Stick A

6 thoughts on “NOAA: ‘Climate literacy’ for kids includes knowing both the Mann and Marcott hokey sticks”

  1. Teachers who use such materials, are in fact Criminal Fraudsters, who ought to be Charged With These Frauds, and put in front of a Judge, in A Court Of Law. Where are you, Mr. Gold Shield Detective? Where are you, Mr. District Attorney?

  2. It’s there because somewhere, someone feels that there’s importance and learning to be had. I wonder how your average teacher feels about things?

  3. Why is NOAA teaching this junk?

    Because truth doesn’t matter, only consensus. Resistance is futile.

  4. I wonder whether children have any ability to check or be suspicious about the stuff pushed to them at school.

    I know I didn’t check anything. I think I survived schooling unaffected due to poor retention or outright rejection. But I wonder whether it’s just me or maybe it is normal for an average student to reject indoctrination?

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