5 thoughts on “New Climate Deniers: Global warming is speeding up!”

  1. Remember the science is settled. All that we need to know is known. And, they can control the climate if we would just turn over total control to these wise folks.

  2. And the Guardian is a reliable source?? We know their journalists are all warmists and they wave some really magical crap to explain the failure of their religious beliefs.

  3. The Warmists are quickly turning into stand-up comics. Next thing you know, they’ll be telling us that global warming actually causes more snow. Oops, they’ve already done that.

    The Alarmists are hopelessly in love with their theory; they’ll never get a divorce.

  4. If the oceans are storing 90% of global warming, which is hard to believe, then the oceans will eventually return it slowly, perhaps when we can really use it.
    Since all the other GCM models are faulty, though, I assume this is too.

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