5 thoughts on “New atrazine junk science: Herbicide ‘Though confirmed by many animal studies as harmful to endocrine systems, its specific effects are still unknown’”

  1. Um, the NEWS STORY about the study says that. Not the study itself. You, in fact, can read some of the specifics if you choose to read the original source.

  2. 0.3 ppb, then 3 ppb and finally 30 ppb all have the same basic results with some additional genes effected at the higher doses – make no sense if 0.3 ppb will destroy life and species then we are moving to a dead planet in decades so no more need to be concerned AGW is just not factor.

    Grant science needs to be ended by doing this and taking away the MONEY from DC to make their University elite friends employed . . in the 60s when I attend University the Profs had to publish books or gone they would be . . now it is they must secure GRANTS AND BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS TO FUND THEIR POSITION . . no money no job so give them the result they need. JUNK SCIENCE FOR SURE . .


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