7 thoughts on “NAS on National Climate Assessment: ‘It’s also critical that we don’t give the skeptics more ammunition’”

  1. That’s the first reference I’ve seen to that bit of cognitive disonnance – yeah – if the sun can actually produce all the energy we need, you’d think it was the driver of warming, all right.

  2. How is it that people who believe the sun can produce all the energy we need can dismiss solar activity as the driving force of climate change? It’s not the CO2, it solar activity….ya know…sun farts

  3. My quick scan leads me to the conclusion that in both documents “climate change” = AGW. Without AGW, do I assume the climate doesn’t change?

  4. Perhaps they should just not publish it–it’s the only way to avoid giving skeptics more ammo unless they have suddenly gone scientific. (Okay, just skip publishing!)

  5. H’m. The NAS has just said that virtually everything in the NCA report is a fantasy. Then the authors are concerned about giving skeptics more ammunition. It’s hard to give us more than you just did and we are glad to have it.

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