More ‘the ocean ate my global warming’

“Climate change could get worse quickly if huge amounts of extra heat absorbed by the oceans are released back into the air, scientists said after unveiling new research showing that oceans have helped mitigate the effects of warming since 2000.”


9 thoughts on “More ‘the ocean ate my global warming’”

  1. I bet when they find the missing heat, it will be under the large pile of odd-socks that are missing from all our dryers!

  2. “Apart from 1998, the 10 hottest years have all been since 2000.”
    This quote is from the article @ They say this as if it were the absolute truth. It is not! The latest temperature records have been adjusted up, and earlier temperatures adjusted down to fit the warmists narrative. These people are not scientists, they are activists!

  3. The climate specialists always tell us that everything about global warming and climate change is already known and proven.

    Then when their “computer models” don’t work, they blame the sun, or the oceans or Mother Nature.

    Why didn’t their “models” take into account the ocean in the first place. Because it is a lot more complex than their simplistic narrative
    And they have no interest in the truth.

  4. With each passing day, the Warmists get more desperate and look more foolish. How long will they cling to their Global Warming religious doctrine?

  5. Let’s be more factual here, a recent climate study has calculated that the missing heat has popped up in Atlantis.

  6. God help us if it does, because it will go straight out to space, thus cooling the earth even more.
    These people are patently stupid.

  7. And project ARGO proves that they are wrong. For heat to be trapped in the oceans, it would have to pass through the water. We measured that path. These fools don’t have a shred of dignity or brains left.

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