Missing NASA docs on Hansen may be at Hansen’s house?

As posted earlier, CEI is concerned that NASA may be destroying James Hansen docs that have been FOIA-ed. Check out this interview of Hansen from 2000 — the docs could very well be at Hansen’s home.

From Hansen’s interview with the American institute of Physics:

Weart: Okay. Finally, in getting back to this question of paper. We have here your administrative records of GISS, I suppose.
Hansen: Administrative things.
Weart:I suppose they’re officially government records. Have you ever considered the National Archives for them?
Hansen: This is really a very small organization, like 20 civil servants now, which is the largest it’s been since I’ve been there. And most of my things are really theirs. I don’t even have an effective secretary. There’s one secretary for this organization, we now actually have her on the sixth floor. So I’m sort of my own secretary.
Weart: Nobody at NASA has ever discussed the records. NASA by the way has a poor program for preserving records.
Hansen: Right.
Weart: Let me just ask you to bear in mind that at some point The National Archives may be interested. [Papers might be offered to them when you retire.]
Hansen: Yes. At some point I will sort out my records.
Weart: And you have some personal materials at home, which should be preserved somewhere [for example Columbia University archives].
Hansen: Yes, I have [inaudible].
Weart: Another question. This is something that we’re studying possibly. What happens to your e-mail?
Hansen: The organization, you know, I’m doing it myself. And now it’s reasonably well-organized.
Weart: Do you keep all your old e-mail on a disk somewhere?
Hansen: Yes, it’s on the computer.
Weart: [Inaudible]. Okay. Anything else we should talk about?
Hansen: No.

One thought on “Missing NASA docs on Hansen may be at Hansen’s house?”

  1. “Weart: [Inaudible]. Okay. Anything else we should talk about?
    Hansen: No. (The interview is over, I’ve already incriminated myself enough.)

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