4 thoughts on “Misleading Photos of the Day: 4 Worst Climate Change Offenders”

  1. 1. As we know, human CO2 is too small a driver in climate to be worth any action. On net, human CO2 production is probably an environmental benefit.
    2. Smog is actually a decent proxy for CO2 since smog relates to burning and burning produces CO2. But it’s only a proxy for CO2.
    3. Smog is real pollution. It does cause irritation at the least and it probably contributes to COPD and related illness. Mr. Milloy may be correct that we don’t have specific deaths linked to smog but it can’t be good for us.
    4. So let’s deal with real pollution with real answers that are worth the expenses involved. For example, if electric cars become practical, it’s easier to scrub soot and the like from a few coal plants than from every tailpipe. But the remediation has to be worth the expense and most of what’s currently proposed is a lot of hole-digging-and-filling with no benefit or even a net environmental loss. If you spent a lot of bucks, you’ve produced pollution at that point and it could exceed the pollution you remove.

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