Michael Mann still mocking fellow warmist Katharine Hayhoe for religious beliefs

Evangelical Christian warmist Kathryn Hayhoe believes in a literal reading of the Bible. In an effort to mock Rep. Joe Barton’s recent comment about the biblical flood being a pre-industrial climate change event, Michael Mann retweets that the “Book of Genesis was not peer-reviewed.”

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Click for the video of the Barton comment.

7 thoughts on “Michael Mann still mocking fellow warmist Katharine Hayhoe for religious beliefs”

  1. No matter what your belief are, Mann’s comments are simply rude and beneath someone of his station.

  2. This ALWAYS happens in the final stages of a loosing battle, the losers start tuning on each other and blaming the closest ally for the loss.

    “If not for YOUR defeatism”,… “If not for YOUR treason”,… “If not for YOUR mistakes”,… so on an so forth…

    Then, the surrender is compelled, the white flag goes up, and the re-writing and the repositioning begins… if….. you survive…..

  3. He has to be kidding – peer reviewed . . the AGW supporters and C02 as a poison believer . . talking about CONSENSUS OF SCIENTISTS and PEER review is a classic conflict – truth or not truth. How can the AGW people even speak of PEER review as they will not release or share the base data sets used in their COMPUTER MODELING PROGRAMS.

    Without the complete formulas no math problem can be PROVED.


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