3 thoughts on “Meat labels will include where animal was born and slaughtered, irking Canada and Mexico”

  1. For many years we cannot buy a grape that is not coverred with “COOL” stickers telling us where it came from. Meat, not so much. And yet with totally different processing and sanitation standards in other countries, we have no idea where our meat is coming from. It’s long overdue.

  2. “Irking Canada and Mexico”. That reminds me of an old “Little House On the Prairie” story where two brothers began to loose their sheep to anthrax. Rather than take their loss they butchered all of them and sold the meat in the community at prices no one could compete with. It sickened or killed about half of the community including the brothers.

  3. I can understand Mexico and Canada being irked by protectionism but there’s a bit of the moose telling the bear he needs a shave here.

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