6 thoughts on “Mann Sycophant: ‘There is a trend to threaten climate science promoters with death, imprisonment, execution, etc’”

  1. And their classic psychological projection is quite old, too. Circa Sept 2003 from a speech by Ross Gelbspan prior to the wider circulation of the following narrative in his 2004 Boiling Point book: “In the early 1990’s when the science was still uncertain, this deception by the fossil fuel lobby could be sort of excused as business as usual. But since the science has become so robust and impact so visible this behavior constitutes a clear crime against humanity. ” ( http://www.democracynow.org/2003/9/22/the_position_of_the_bush_administration )

    And everybody knows what you are supposed to do when you hear the “crime against humanity” dog whistle talking point………

  2. Mel should play Mikey when Hollywood does their inevitable docudrama. He’s lke the Jackie Robinson of climate. (Except baseball and segregation were both real.)

  3. Mann et al need some lessons in the Victimhood Game. I’d suggest getting pointers from Mel Gibson on acting tortured, insane etc.

    As for the warmist scientists, I’ll settle for universal ridicule.

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