3 thoughts on “Illinois Congressman introduces bill to curb CDC-funded propaganda against politically incorrect foods and beverages”

  1. Howdy br1022
    I think local utilities, which are quasi-state operations, may run these promotions to improve their image. You’re right that they don’t have to compete for customers and I don’t know if that will ever be feasible. But the utilities can get along better in their communities if they look like they are working with the communities’ agendas. So in San Francisco, you act granola-crunchy.

  2. A brilliant master-stroke. Government propaganda is bad enough, just as a concept. Laying out tax revenue for junk the food nannies can finance on their own is ludicrous.

    Next up: electric and gas utilities advertising their stuff, especially about how ‘green’ it is. Where there’s no competition for an essentially state-run enterprise, what’s the point? That’s our money, too, being wasted.

  3. The article presents this as a straightforward jobs issue, but I’d prefer to see this as an anti-nanny issue.

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