5 thoughts on “House GOP proposes to micromanage National Science Foundation grants”

  1. yes and no
    there’s a lot of science inquiry that has no immediate payback so finding funding is tough. Take the LHC for instance. What’s the payoff for an investor? That then leaves the government – hardly in ideal way to do things, but…

  2. Last week, a Republicrat talked about how bad the Fed’s ethanol fuel mandate is. Absolutely horrible. Then proposed phasing it out over 10 YEARS! If it’s that bad, kill it now! PLEASE!

  3. Typical Republicrats. “We can do a better job of doing the wrong thing than the Democrats can.”

  4. I’d rather cut it off, too, but I’d rather the GOP micromanaged it than the Dems did. If the science is going to be political, better my politics than theirs.

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