House Committee approves bill to overhaul EPA Science Advisory Board

JunkScience helped get this reform started. The bill requires disclosure of agency grants to Science Advisory Board members and other reforms.

Read the media release.

Click for H.R. 1422, “EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act of 2013.”

Read Steve Milloy’s March 8, 2012 Washington Times commentary about EPA SAB corruption.

2 thoughts on “House Committee approves bill to overhaul EPA Science Advisory Board”

  1. If congress would do more oversight on rouge agencies instead of setting up more agencies and boards there might be better control. Actually every state now has some environmental agency so let them take care of the problems within their own boundaries and abolish EPA altogether. An idea whose time has come.

  2. Why stop at the Advisory Board? Perhaps the EPA should be an Office with a Director and no employees. With a budget comprising that person’s salary plus a very large travel budget so she will always be in the air and far away from any possible thing she could destroy. Think of the savings! Move her office to Cancun so she can more properly appreciate global warming. Or maybe Vladivostok, so she can appreciate what the temperature will actually be for the next few decades..

    Also ban the EPA Director from ever owning a dog, or from ever sending anything by email.

    Best possible way to keep Ms McCarthy from making trouble is to keep her so busy she doesn’t have time to blink.

    I am quite serious. The USEPA is a cross between Godzilla and the Blob. The world would be a better place if it was completely disbanded.

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