Hansen calls pro-Keystone Canadian gov’t ‘Neanderthal,’ ‘In the hip pocket of fossil fuel industry’

“In an interview with Evan Solomon airing Saturday on CBC Radio’s The House, James Hansen defended his position that approving the proposed pipeline would be disastrous for the environment.”

Read more at CBC.

7 thoughts on “Hansen calls pro-Keystone Canadian gov’t ‘Neanderthal,’ ‘In the hip pocket of fossil fuel industry’”

  1. Mr. Hansen,

    Please see my letter to Carol Browner, which is posted above.


    Snorbert Zangox

  2. Chris, if you were directing those questions to me, here is my reply:
    For: Keystone XL and the oilsands. I’m for development all the way.

    Against: The CBC and Hansen and the global warming con.

  3. Reading Hansens comments always brings President Reagan to mind saying “There you go again.” Ho hum.

  4. but wait a minute here are you for or against Hansen, the pipeline, the CBC, Global warming, tar-sands oil? I’m confused… please explain…
    oh and Steven, i’ll be over to sign the petition soon.

  5. Are you losing your Freedoms and Liberties? Do you want to stop the overreaching to BIG TO GOVERN Federal Central Collective?
    Are you MAD enough to take action? Will you do your part to Save our REPUBLIC?


    Take Action!
    Ben Franklin’s response when a lady asked – what kind of government did you give us? He said – “WE GAVE YOU A REPUBLIC IF YOU CAN KEEP IT.” Our nation has never been so close to FAILURE.

  6. Hansen left science behind and became a full fledged member of the gloom and doom crowd decades ago, and made more money and gained more fame than he otherwise would have. Those like the CBC that give him a soapbox should be shunned. I don’t watch or listen to CBC anymore a nd haven’t for several years. I want the truth, not biased propaganda. The current government should pull all funding for them immediately. If the left loves it (the CBC) so much let them fund it.

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